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Home Junk Removal

How does our home pickup & recycling work?

SBC Recycle is your stress-free solution when you need help removing unwanted and no longer needed items from your home or apartment.


Whether you have a a whole bunch of items you no longer need or just one heavy item, de-cluttering your home on your own can often be a difficult, daunting and even dangerous task.


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Why choose SBC Recycle?


  • You Deserve the Best Service: We go above and beyond to make sure that your experience from the initial contact to the service you receive at your home and beyond is 100% Stress-Free.
  • You Deserve To Be Protected: SBC Recycle is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and every member of our home pickup teams are professional and responsible.
  • You Deserve To Smile: Many companies can haul junk from your house, but it takes a SBC Recycle to haul your stress away with it.
  • You Don’t Like Pushy Sales People: There’s no pressure and no stress. We want to make sure you’re relaxed and smiling when you say goodbye to your clutter.


Schedule Online: Click here to proceed directly to our online scheduling tool.


Our Stress-Free Recycling Service


Here are even more reasons why SBC Recycle is the best choice for all your recycling needs:

  • NO PRESSURE: Call us for a FREE estimate
  • PEACE OF MIND: Every friendly SBC Recycle team member is fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • LAST MINUTE OPTIONS: You are our Priority. Even in a pinch, you can count on our SBC Recycle to save the day.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY REMOVAL & RECYCLING: When you hire SBC Recycle, you are also doing your part to help our environment, since SBC Recycle re-use and recycles 70% of everything we haul away, distinguishing us as the industry’s true leader in eco-friendly disposal.
  • RELAX & SMILE: You’ll be all smiles because SBC Recycle is sure to deliver the most courteous, efficient and friendly service you’ve ever experienced!
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