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Crawl Space & Attic Clean-up

Take back your attic!


Whether you’ve got boxes, bags, bicycles or any other types of junk in your attic, SBC Recycle is your best choice for safe removal and eco-friendly disposal.


Let us do the heavy lifting!


No matter what you’ve got in the attic, it can be difficult to lug it down the stairs. The professionally trained teams at SBC Recycle are fully licensed, bonded and insured, though, so you’ll never have anything to worry about while we’re sorting, carrying, loading, hauling or disposing of your no-longer-needed items.


Our clean-cut, friendly teams will go above and beyond typical “customer service” to truly “WOW” you with quick, efficient junk removal services. The choice is clear, so give us a call or book online today!


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Our Stress-Free Recycling Service


Here are even more reasons that SBC Recycle is the best choice for all your clean up and recycling needs:

  • NO PRESSURE: Call us for a FREE estimate
  • PEACE OF MIND: Every friendly SBC Recycle team member is fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • LAST MINUTE OPTIONS: You are our Priority. Even in a pinch, you can count on our SBC Recycle to save the day.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY REMOVAL & RECYCLING: When you hire SBC Recycle, you are also doing your part to help our environment, since SBC Recycle re-use and recycles 70% of everything we haul away, distinguishing us as the industry’s true leader in eco-friendly disposal.
  • RELAX & SMILE: You’ll be all smiles because SBC Recycle is sure to deliver the most courteous, efficient and friendly service you’ve ever experienced!
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